As a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Practitioner, specializing in Weight Loss, Detox and Lymphatic Health, I love working with my clients to improve their digestion, increase energy, uncover food sensitivities, lose weight, restore health and bring balance to their diet and lifestyle.

Creator of the Hot Mess to Hot Mama Programs

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If you can't tell, I am passionate about health & wellness!

If you are tired of the modern day approach to healthcare & the limiting mindset of "diet" culture, then you are in the right place!

I created the Hot Mess to Hot Mama™ Community to help amazing women go from feeling like a HOT MESS to loving life & feeling like a HOT MAMA.


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Part of my mission is to provide valuable resources for you!

Over the years, women have asked my advice & opinion on just about everything related to health & wellness. My education & experience has provided me with extensive & innovative knowledge that I'm able to share with you here.

The more we know about our bodies, the more we can take control of our health & what makes us thrive. In this blog, you'll find information from myself and other featured experts on helping you understand your body.

I hope these blogs are a useful resource for you!

I have felt pretty miserable for years. The Hot Mess to Hot Mama ™ Total Body Detox helped me reset my body more than I thought possible. I had tried so many programs and diets with very little success. I was desperate to feel better. I committed 100% to do this program fully and not quit.

After just a few weeks I was losing weight, sleeping better, feeling less pain, my mood was better and NO more headaches!

Hot Mess to Hot Mama Total Body Detox Program

“I can not BELIEVE how much two days difference makes. I started the food on Sunday and just two days later already feel more energy, less bloating, and overall better. Imagine after 8 weeks!! I love the food and I am SHOCKED at how well my kids are eating it too. I make them a separate breakfast and lunch and then we eat as a whole family at dinner. They have eaten everything I have. Thank you for the suggestions of having them cook with me.”

Restore Gut Health Program

"It is the end of the detox phase, and I am happy to say that I am down

12 pounds! Thanks for your support, guidance, and the amazing meals that are helping me to lose weight so much more easily than all the other diets I’ve tried. I don’t feel deprived at all!"

Detox Program

I started the Hot Mess to Hot Mama ™ Program and lost 32lbs in 90 days.

I feel amazing, physically & mentally. This detox has helped me

get my life back, and I am extremely thankful.

Hot Mess to Hot Mama Total Body Detox Program

My experience with Eva Stottler and assisted lymphatic therapy has been eye-opening and amazing. Eva is experienced and freely shares her knowledge with her clients, and I have learned so much about the multitude of benefits associated with lymphatic therapy. At 60, I have never felt better and feel assured I am doing the best thing I can do to boost my immune system and live a long and healthy life. I’m hooked! Terri Assisted Lymphatic Patient

Assisted Lymphatic Therapy Patient

I noticed an improvement in my energy, chronic indigestion, and mental clarity right away. My daily stress levels have significantly decreased now that my “brain fog” has lifted. I didn’t realize how bad I felt before this program,

until I started feeling so much better. Love my new normal!

Hot Mess to Hot Mama Total Body Detox Program