About Me

I'm am a Board Certified Integrative Health Practitioner in Saint Louis, Missouri. I offer online courses and in-person services customized around detox, weight loss & wellness.

I'm Eva Stottler.

After being asked daily for my recommendations on pretty much everything and hearing over and over again that living a healthy lifestyle is too expensive and overwhelming, I decided to create this website to share my favorite tips and bring valuable resources into one place. I also want you to have fun and enjoy the journey along the way.​

My mission is to help you look and feel AMAZING while reaching your goals by focusing on Detox, Weight Loss & Wellness


Decreasing your toxic load enables your body to better function restoring your health.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is not just about your pant size, it is getting healthy from the inside & boosting your confidence so that you live life to its fullest.


Learning how to create a diet and lifestyle that works for you and promotes wellness, will help decrease future disease and enable you to live a more vibrant and happy life.

My Story & Certifications

As a wife and a busy mom of two boys, I never made the time to take care of myself. I suffered with constant fatigue, digestive and skin issues. When my youngest son faced a life threatening illness, I dove in head-first, researching everything I could find to restore his health. Our food became our medicine. In my desperate efforts to help my son, I ended up saving myself, too. Not only did I resolve my family’s health issues, I gained a whole new outlook on life.

I am a Board Certified Integrative Health Practitioner specializing in Digestive Health, Weight loss and Detox. I love working with my clients to improve their digestion, increase energy, uncover food sensitivities, lose weight, restore health and bring balance to their diet and lifestyle. I am passionate about helping others feel and look their very best.

Board Certified Integrative Health Practitioner Specializing in Digestive Health, Weight Loss and Detox

Certified Lymphatic Specialist

Creator of the "Hot Mess to Hot Mama" Total Body Detox Program

There is no such thing as Perfection

I find myself stressed, physically and emotionally exhausted at times. I also throw caution to the wind and indulge in foods that I know will make me a HOT MESS!

But what I have learned is that doing the best that you can, when you can, will help you bounce back quicker when you stray from your healthy routine.

I like to call it our 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I fuel my body with nutrient dense whole food that nourish, repair and help me thrive. The other 20% I enjoy the occasional treat and Mommy cocktails.

I am inviting you into my world to join me on life's adventure. I will share my ups and downs in hopes to help and encourage you along the way. I am passionate about helping others look and feel their very best.

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