What is the Hot Mess
to Hot Mama?

Are you eating a healthy diet and exercising, but still struggling to boost your energy, drop stubborn pounds and just feel like yourself again? If so, you’re not alone.

The inability to lose weight regardless of diet and exercise is called weight-loss resistance and it is a growing problem for both men and woman. Weight-loss resistance can be due to a hormone imbalance. When hormones are out of whack, your cells can’t communicate properly and hang on to toxic fat stores. And what’s more, supplemental hormones taken to balance your system do not provide a lasting solution to help you feel better and lose weight permanently.

What is causing such an epidemic of hormone issues that are leading to weight-loss resistance? The answer may surprise you!

Toxins may be the number one reason why many today can’t lose weight or reach their health goals; our toxic world is literally making us fat the water we drink, air we breathe, products we use and food we consume all impact our toxic load and the amount of toxic weight we carry. Consequently, we must take charge of the variables in our environment we control to help reach our best health.

We can think of our bodies like a bucket. Now imagine the toxins that surround you in daily life are the liquid that slowly fills that bucket. With every toxic exposure, your bucket continues to fill. A little here and there isn’t such a big deal, as the immune system was designed to handle a degree of toxicity. However, chronic exposure to chemical, physical, and emotional stressors will fill up your bucket each day, and at some point the bucket begins to overflow. It may take a few decades before the bucket spills over, but once it does, cellular inflammation is triggered, symptoms arise, and disease manifests.

So how to we fix this growing program, Super-charge
our Weight Loss efforts and improve our overall Health??

The Total Body Detox works by improving cellular function so the body is able to detox and restore. Which leads to accelerated weight-loss, improved hormone and G.I function and increased energy along with many more amazing health benefits  

involves three phases:


Strengthens downstream detox pathways to support optimal toxin removal.


Removes toxins on a cellular level and sets up concentration gradient to move toxins from deeper tissue stores (i.e. brain).


Clears out deeper bio-accumulated neurotoxins that lead to most symptoms.  

Note: All three components and three phases should be implemented for lasting results. 

Are you tired of feeling like a Hot Mess and struggling with?

Without a doubt, our toxic world and a toxic lifestyle can drive your body to hang on to fat, decrease our energy and cause damage to the overall health of our body.


gives you the map, the tools, the direction, and best of all, the proven efficacious formula for Health optimization.

Program Includes:

The participant portal includes but is not limited to: 

Total Value over well over $3000 

This simple online format walks you through the process of proper cellular detox to lose weight and a maintenance formula for optimal health.

I have felt pretty miserable for years. The Hot Mess to Hot Mama ™ Total Body Detox helped me reset my body more than I thought possible. I had tried so many programs and diets with very little success. I was desperate to feel better. I committed 100% to do this program fully and not quit. After just a few weeks I was losing weight, sleeping better, feeling less pain, my mood was better and NO more headaches!
I knew I had mold and many other toxins that were wreaking my health and my life. I was withdrawing from friends, family and most activities because I felt like crap. This was affecting me mentally and physically. A friend told me about The Hot Mess to Hot Mama ™ Total Body Detox and it changed my life. Almost all of my symptoms have been eliminated and I am loving life again. I have learned so many life-changing things from this program and have a new passion for health and wellness.
I started the Hot Mess to Hot Mama ™ Program and lost 32lbs in 90 days. I feel amazing, physically & mentally. This detox has helped me get my life back, and I am extremely thankful.
I noticed an improvement in my energy, chronic indigestion, and mental clarity right away. My daily stress levels have significantly decreased now that my “brain fog” has lifted. I didn’t realize how bad I felt before this program, until I started feeling so much better. Love my new normal!

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Hi! I'm Eva Stottler.

I am a Board Certified Integrative Health Coach, Digestive Health and Weight Loss Specialist and Certified in Assisted Lymphatic Therapy. I love working with my clients to improve their digestion, increase energy, detox on a cellular level, lose weight, restore health and bring balance to their diet and lifestyle. As a wife and a busy mom of two boys, I never made the time to take care of myself. I suffered with constant fatigue, digestive and skin issues. When my youngest son faced a life threatening illness, I dove in head-first, researching everything I could find to restore his health. Our food became our medicine. In my desperate efforts to help my son, I ended up saving myself, too. Not only did I resolve my family’s health issues, I gained a whole new outlook on life. I am passionate about helping others feel and look their very best.”

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